Atom String Quartet joined Warner Music Poland

Atom String Quartet joined the group of Warner Music Poland artists. The first album released under the contract will be released on the WARNER CLASSICS label at the end of January 2024 and will be titled UNIVERSUM.

This is the seventh solo album by Atom String Quartet. The album is a natural consequence of the band’s activities, and at the same time a completely new approach to composing. Each musician mastered great form and composed a full-scale, multi-part string quartet. These works are autonomous entities and tell different stories, precisely showing the individual character of each composer. “Atomizations” by Dawid Lubowicz speaks about the vastness of the universe, is a reflection on the infinity of events, a story about a road that always surprises and never ends. “Pictures from Warsaw” by Mateusz Smoczyński is a musical record of the heroism of Warsaw and the pain of its inhabitants, interwoven with images of a bustling metropolis. present times; “Bolero” by Michał Zaborski is about dance, passion and love, while “Atlas of Butterflies” by Krzysztof Lenczowski is a musical illustration of a children’s book with drawings and descriptions of butterflies.

Stylistically and formally, the songs are close to classical music, i.e. to the natural environment of a string quartet, but they do not lack elements typical of the band, such as improvisation or new, non-standard performance techniques.